Conclusion of The Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

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With regards to the conclusions that the author reaches in the book, it appears that Equiano strives to prove that anything is possible in case the person dreams about it, and works hard in order to achieve it.

The author related numerous pieces of evidence of this idea demonstrating that even bondage as one of the most complicated situations where a human being can possibly appear may be overcome. An example of some serious hardships the author appears to be able to overcome is his illiteracy. Often meditating on his terrible situation, Equiano realized how important it was for him to learn how to speak, read and write in English.

The author comments it in the following words:

I had often seen my master and Dick employed in reading, and I had great curiosity to talk to books, as I thought they did; […] I have often taken up a book, and have talked to it, and then put my ear to it, when alone, in hopes it would answer me; and I have been very much concerned when I found it remained silent.

Such thirst for knowledge leading to freedom enabled the man to conquer in his fight for his happiness. I found this to be very inspiring as I read the book. Reflecting on the information related by Equiano in his book, I would say that it is well structured and easy to accept. The book can be read really fast and provides its audience with considerable facts and numerous interesting details.

I especially enjoyed the parts describing the events related to the efforts by the main character to pursue freedom and economic independence. The primary purpose of this book seems to encourage the audience to learn some important moral lessons concerning the need to fight for the dream one might have just as Equiano did as this may result in a miracle as this man’s real-life example shows.