Causes of the May 2008 Violence Against Foreign Nationals in South Africa

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Research has shown that locals had no problem living with foreigners in the same place. This is because foreigners brought resources closer to them than before. However, the violence started because locals believed that foreigners were taking a lot of space and prevented them from expanding their activities, especially in buildings. There were also claims that there was tough competition from foreigners in the business sector, which had thrown locals out of the industry.

There were also claims that the whites within the country used cheap labor offered by foreigners at the expense of locals who demanded better pay than foreigners. Foreigners are believed to have taken jobs that belonged to locals. The other cause of the violence claimed that foreigners were stealing the wives of locals.

On this issue, I would use self-administered questionnaires to generate data used for the study. I would distribute questionnaires to people after establishing the sample size from the whole population. I would employ both systematic sampling and random sampling techniques in data collection. I would also make use of t personal interviews in an effort to collect data on the causes of the violence. This would enable me to seek clarification and expound on areas where respondents would have problems.

I would go for this method because it would give me preliminary information from the people who took part in the violence. I would also make use of the observation method because it would enable me to confirm some of the claims made against the issue.