Values Brought to the Philosophical Approach to Research

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The development of any research is based on how well a person can introduce the chosen philosophical approach. Subjective qualities of perception have to be shaped by past knowledge and present values. Therefore, the identification of values becomes an obligatory step in research. I would like to pay close attention to such values as freedom, autonomy, and openness. Freedom should help identify what kind of work may be done regarding available resources, skills, and knowledge. Free inquiry is the way to achieve dependable truth. My research has to be free and unbiased to discover the required answers and prove the chosen hypotheses. Still, it is not the only value on which my work should be based.

I also believe that openness and autonomy cannot be ignored. Independent researchers do not limit their work to a certain extent. Their task is to investigate the circumstances, the directions of growth, and the essence of their contributions to the chosen field. Still, it is necessary to make sure that the quality of research is not determined by independence. To achieve positive results, research has to be open, meaning that public knowledge and respect to intersubjective verifiability are considered. Openness should provide my research with assurance and adequate practical application. It is a chance to develop personal and professional qualities and understand what public growth can be observed. Though research results from personal work and explanations, its general worth and evaluation are the outcome in educational philosophy. With the help of these three chosen values of openness, autonomy, and freedom being followed, I am sure to develop good research.